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Headquarter Statement

"We have NO use for ANY fascist train of thought!"

Dunkelwerk offers dark electronic beats and marching melodies. Endzeit with an attitude!
Main theme of Dunkelwerk is the moment of total defeat. No glory, no victory just the sweet smell of discomfiture. An atmosphere of leave, loss and comedown. The whole concept of Dunkelwerk focuses on this aspects. There is no heroism or glory.
Fatal catastrophes for lives, homes and love. No options left...
Strong statements against war in general and the often naive used militaristic style by many scene bands. We don´t play games here. Nevertheless Dunkelwerk is no replacement for the creation of political awareness! Political education is not our business.

Dunkelwerk is a pure studio project - Hq Besatzung: 1 - Losttrooper/Germany



es geht alles vorüber - es geht alles vorbei