Jan. 13
We are back! Streetdate for the third album called “Operation: Duesterland” is 22.
Feb. 2013. You can order it at
22/02/2013 AM1198CD DUNKELWERK   Operation: Duesterland  CD
22/02/2013 AM2198DCD DUNKELWERK   Operation: Duesterland limited 2CD
22/02/2013 AM3198CD DUNKELWERK   Completorium Vol. 1 CD
For more information click here and you will get a pdf including the promotiontexts in
german and english and tracklists.
Feb. 12
If you want to be up-to-date you can join us on Facebook. All instrumentals for the
main cd are finished and will be mixed in the next weeks/months.
Feb. 11
Well...4 instrumentals are finished. I´m on track 5.
Some small layout changes on the webside.
Some month ago Dunkelwerk made a remix for Leaether Strip. It was released as
part of the limited Leather Strip Box “Mental Slavery”. The song is called “Your God
Has Left You Tonight”.
Dunkelwerk is on
MySpace starts to suck. Crappy new layout and a user interface which kills my time.
If it goes on this way i will leave MySpace. If you want to contact me don´t use
MySpace from now on!
Sept. 10
Still alive. There was not much time for music since the end of 2009. Dunkelwerk is
now on Win7/64bit, Quadcore and Cubase5. Once again a Pepperbox PC by Very good! Maybe there will be a third album somewhere. I´ll try
to start the production in the next weeks again. But we all know...Dunkelwerk is
slow...but good...i hope.
Nov. 09
So, since 6. Nov Höllenbrut is out in whole Europe, rest of the world follows soon.
Digital distribution runs. Her are 3 new reviews:
September 09
After 4 years of silence...we have the street date for whole Europe:
6. Nov 2009
Official presstext:
It took Dunkelwerk 4 years to return with another conceptual long player celebrating
once more the difficult theme of 'Total Defeat'. "Höllenbrut" is another truthful
'Endzeit' album, in the pure traditional sense of the word. DUNKELWERK takes us
this time through dark horror fields haunted by beasts and vampires. We follow him
in an eternal quest for the loved Queen in a desperate world of broken hearts and
defeat where fairy tale characters are plunged into the harshness of dark literature.
A dense atmosphere that is brilliantly captured and rendered in the album’s artwork
designed by the talented artist Oliver Haecker (Bastart-Worx).
The album is available as a single CD and as a limited 2CD edition. This edition
comes as a deluxe carton box with tarot cards, poster and the "Nightbreeders"
bonus disc including exclusive special tracks and remixes composed by Losttrooper
for this devastating occasion.
Promotion trailers for Dunkelwerk by Dunkelwerk