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April 2019 
The Dunkelwerk fanshop is back! T-shirts, hoodies, poster...
Endzeit Electro Ausrüstung!

February 2019
New album called "Waffengang" in
March 2019!
11 new Endzeit songs. More infos here: Dunkelwerk at Facebook and Alfa Matrix.



May 2018 
A light...11 instrumentals are composed and recorded. Vocalrecording has started. A fourth album will see the light of day...somewhere.

"Schnee und Eis und die Kette bricht..." There will be a heartbreaking panzer track including horses...?!

March 2018
All needed speech samples for the next release are found and collected. Expect some incredible shadows from the darkest times of this country... Thanks to Bootsmann for support!


Es geht alles vorüber - Es geht alles vorbei